#3: Provestra

Provestra Provestra Rating

RATING: 7.9/10

Provestra Review

Provestra is one among the many supplements in the market. The product claims to help in solving problems with women libido.

Some of the benefits the supplement claims to have are that it will improve the sexual desire in women, improve the propensity to great aroused (once you take it reverses your condition) and increasing women sexual appetite.

The product also promises greater sexual sensations, better sexual encounters, more and frequent orgasms, and increased virginal lubrication.

Ingredients used:

Provestra claims that it combines nutrients, herbs, and aphrodisiacs to help in balancing hormones, lower levels of stress and bring back the female reproduction to its best situation of functioning.

The supplement has a large list of ingredients, below are the major ingredients in the pill.

L-Arginie – this ingredient is extracted from foods like wheat and dairy and has the ability to enhance the condition of the heart. In this supplement, it is used to help push blood to the genitals. When in the blood, it converts to nitric oxide and widens vessels of the blood.

Black Cohosh – this has been a ingredient used to treat menstrual problems and menopause issues in traditional America. It is claimed that the ingredient has an effect in hormonal balance and therefore can affect sex drive.

Damiana – it is a plant that grows in Central America. Traditionally, this herb was used to increase sexual desire in females and men.

Kudzu – its root has been used in China to help in blood circulation. There is however no sufficient evidence that the extract has such effects. It has a number of side effects such as damaging the liver and allergic reactions.

Ginseng – this herb originates from China and has been used there traditionally for sexual arousal in men and women as well as increasing athletic performance.

Valerian – it is used as a muscle relaxer and usually helps people have a better sleep. It was also used to reduce cramps.

Ginkgo Biloba – this is an Asian tree used to solve problems with sexual performance and also help in blood circulation.

Does the product really give the results it claims to?

Many customers of this product always complain of a poor result, bad smell and not giving what it promises. The product has used many ingredients that other similar products in the market just so it can win the heart of an unsuspecting customer.

No one would wish to buy a product thinking that it is going to solve their problem only to acquire other issues from it.

Provestra takes quite a long time to work, promising a 60 day guarantee period, it does not work for everyone so when buying it on is not sure whether it is going to work or not. It cannot be used by pregnant women.


Provestra is produced by Leading Herbals based in Tennessee and seems to have a bad relationship with its customers as it does not even give an email address on its website. Many of its customers are seen posting their complaints on online stores.


If you think that Provestra is not the right product for you, there are always some alternatives. And in this case, we have to admit – better alternatives.

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Provestra Provestra Rating

RATING: 7.9/10

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