#4: HerSolution

HerSolution HerSolution Rating

RATING: 7.3/10

HerSolution Review

HerSolution is a supplement that claims to help female have with desire for intimacy, boost libido and generally feel energized for sex like a teenager. Many say that libido is all in the mind but Her-solution claims otherwise, that it’s all physical issue due to imbalance by things like nutrition, lack of enough rest as well as stress. All these will drive your sexual desire downhill.

The product was formulated by a team of experts in sexual health to help stop the silent suffering in women when it comes to bedroom affairs.

It comes in two forms; pills and gel.

HerSolution Pills – the pills are a daily supplement that you take one time a day with water. HerSolution claims that the pills help you get into the mood and want more of sex.

HerSolution Gel – this gel enhances libido and is applied by rubbing under clitoris. The gel is not applied daily as with pills. It is applied when preparing for sex.

HerSolution claim that this gel helps a woman get instantly wet after applying. Honestly, that is not true. It’s never been instant.

Ingredients used:

HerSolution claims that the supplement is made from herbal extracts with aphrodisiac properties. They are:

Niacin: this is a vitamin made by the body and used to turn food into energy. HerSolution claims that it assists in blood flow and increasing sensation in genitals.

Hops: this is the flower part of a Hop plant generally used in flavoring beverages and also used in herbal medicine. HerSolution claim that they use it to make sure that estrogen is produced evenly and ensures the vagina is wet.

Ginkogo: it is a tree majorly grown in China, it’s delicious and its parts are used to make herbal medicine. HerSolution claims that it makes it easy for the lady to orgasm and push menopause further.

Mucuna: mucana is a tropical bean grown in Africa and Asia. They claim that it naturally triggers dopamine, a pleasure chemical and also helps increase libido.

Cayenne: this is a type of mild chili used to flavor dishes. It’s claimed to have an effect in vaginal lubrication and intensifying orgasms.

Epimedium sagittatum: claimed to naturally increase sexual desire.

These ingredients are however not scientifically proven and are plainly sales language. For instance, Niacin is a vitamin that helps in male libido and no scientist has justified its work in female libido.

HerSolution’s major ingredient, niacin may cause face flushes. I guess no woman wants to have a blushing face. This is a turn-off. The product also takes forever to see results, it may take up to three months of waiting for you to gain back your bed life.


According to the product website, it is manufactured by BBB. When one clicks on the link, you are taken to a marketing company. This does not show any known manufacturer.

On the website, it’s written that the product is 100% doctor approved, the doctor pictured with the drug is not a medical doctor according to his website but wears a lab coat labeled “Dr.” All this disapproves the drug according to me. I can’t be sure about it.


If you think that HerSoltion is not the right product for you, there are always some alternatives. And in this case, we have to admit – better alternatives.

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